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About Community Groups

Community groups provide spaces to help people find and build relationships with others who help them follow Jesus. Whether the group meets in a home, a coffee shop, a park, on Zoom, or in our building, we desire for people to gather regularly, to share their life with others, and to remind each other of the gospel.

Finding a Group

We’d love to help you take your next step toward meeting others and building relationships that reach beyond Sundays. Join us at our next session of Group Link. Group Link is a starting point for anyone seeking to plug in relationally into the life of our church, or for anyone looking to take their next step towards belonging at Sojourn J-Town. It’s hard for many to build relationships in a group of 200+ people. Group Link is a space for church to feel smaller and for you to connect with people in a way you haven’t found while being here so far.

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Leading or Hosting a Group

Are you interested in creating a space for people to find and build relationships with others? We would love to talk with you about leading or hosting a group of 10-15 people who meet regularly and help one another follow Jesus.

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