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Pastoral Residency

At Sojourn J-Town, we want to be a church that invests in the next generation of pastors. That is why we are launching a two-year paid pastoral residency. Our residency training consists of three components: Spiritual Formation, Practical Ministry, and Relational Presence. Each one of these components will involve learning, mentorship, and hands-on ministry experience. 

If you feel called to lead in a pastoral capacity but need an environment to learn, observe, and make a mistake, we'd love for you to apply!

Testimonies from other pastors and church planters. 

"My view of what it means to be a pastor—and how a church is led and served by a team of pastors—was really formed during my time as an intern at Sojourn. I had the ability to observe the pastoral team and how they led, preached, and made decisions, I was invested in personally as an aspiring pastor, and I was given ample opportunities to serve and lead." 

- John Antonucci, Lead Pastor and Church Planter of The Church at Channelside in Tampa Bay, Florida. 

"My years at Sojourn J-Town were incredibly formative. Not only did I receive invaluable ministry reps in leadership, preaching, and shepherding, but the staff was also very intentional about caring for my soul. Because of my time at Sojourn J-Town I was equipped to church plant with both experience and health." 

- Josh Wilson, Lead Pastor and Church Planter of Storyline Church in St. Louis, Missouri. 

"My time at J-town helped give me a heart for shepherding God's people, grew my ability to preach, and allowed me hands-on experience in local church ministry. It was the perfect compliment alongside seminary to help prepare me for church planting."

- Corbin Hobbs, Lead Pastor and Church Planter of The Heights Church in Denver, Colorado. 

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